Florian Hamberger Energywork

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“All things in this vast Universe exist
in you,
with you,
and for you”

— Kahlil Gibran —


Free group session for energetic healing

I offer a free session for energetic healing every Friday from 17.00 to 18.00 CET. More details under Group Sessions.


Illumined energy body

In the world of quantum physics everything is energy:

Tissues and organs of the human body are made up of cells; these cells are made up of molecules, and the molecules are put together from atoms, the atoms consist of subatomic particles and these in turn of energy. Thus, every human being, like all living organisms, is pure energy. And because people are energy, they are constantly changing and controlling everything with their powerful mind and consciousness. All matter, all life, every experience, everything just owes its existence to the physical world of energy. Really everything around us as well as ourselves are energy, and we are all connected to the Source of the Universe.

Our planet Earth and all living organisms have a magnetic field; these magnetic fields connect all the organisms in the world and contain biologically important information.

Energy healing enhances the connection with the Source of the Universe, the connection with yourself (your Higher Self) and opens up a new life perspective.

Energy healing helps balance inharmonic vibrations within the auric field. This process can eliminate physical, emotional, and situational issues by solving the primary cause instead of treating the apparent symptom. The unfolding of the healing process is always unique and exactly adapted to each being (human, animal, plant).

Energy healing brings your perfection into balance. Through his connection to the Source of the Universe, the energy worker acts as a catalyst and witness for your transformation. He does not need to get into the depths of the discomfort; the shift is gentle and profound. Sometimes the healing process is immediately, usually step by step, but always transpiring. The path is perfect because it is controlled with profound Love by your Higher Self.

However, energy healing is not a magic weapon that will take away any negative life experience. You will remain a sovereign being with free choice and your own soul path, in which good and bad life experiences are stored.

With my energy healing I initiate and support the necessary healing processes in your body. This way your body knows how to heal itself.


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