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Group Sessions

Energy of Metatron with Earth

Sessions to Align to the Ever-Increasing Frequency of Earth Energy and Energy from the Universe

These meetings take place every Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:00 CET. Hereby I help every participant to align to the constantly increasing frequencies of the surrounding energies. Most people are not (yet) able to do this themselves; I act as a catalyst, triggering the self-healing powers that reside in each of us; these also provide for aligning to the surrounding energies, whereby your energy frequency is increased accordingly. If you want participate, please send me an email with the subject “Alignment” and tell me your first and last name, and I’ll give you the details of this kind of session.

Sessions to Activate the Light Body Energy / the Light Body

These sessions are on Saturdays from 19:30 to 20:30 CET. These sessions have the goal of activating the light body energy of each participant. The main thing is to fill the body with light energy during the session and to build up the light body that lies dormant within each of us, as it will replace our physical body after the ascension process is complete. To participate, please send a request via the contact form with the subject “Lightbody”, and you will learn the details of the session.

It is important to me that you sit comfortably in a chair or lie in bed during this session away from electronic devices. Put your hands in the opposite armpit (palm in the armpit, thumbs forward, as in the photo below). Concentrate on me.

Big Hugging

My energy work is to be seen supporting self-healing in a way that follows the natural laws of hope, faith, love and self-understanding - all involved in the energy flow of life in the here and now -; these laws help optimize the healthy evolution of life.

Whoever activates the self-healing power of the client by applying any kind of energy work and thereby not making a diagnosis doesn’t need a license to work as a non-medical practitioner. The work of an energy worker does NOT replace medical treatment. (German BVG, AZ: 1 BvR 784 / 03)

Every kind of energy work is invaluable and precious; in order to maintain the divine balance, I ask for a gratitude exchange of energy.

For the sessions to adapt to the ever increasing frequency of earth energy and energy from the universe, I expect an energy exchange of 15 euros per session, and for the sessions to adapt to the ever-increasing frequency of earth energy and energy from the universe an energy exchange of 30 Euros.

If you are not able to donate, you are always welcome as a guest of honour!


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